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AbalakaTech Resources Limited

Our company is fully into Electrical / Instrumentation, Mechanical , Civil Engineering Works but had vehemently rendered voluminous services in Electrical & Instrumentation for many years in the areas of Supplies, Construction, Installation, Commissioning, Existing Plants Modification & Maintenance / Procurement.

Our Company, Kojis Global Services Nigeria Ltd being licensed CAT-1 high voltage system handling since year2004....also have highest Category NEMSA Certification Cat-A.. ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified by TOTAL Company is also Pre-qualified by NIPEX-NAPIMS/NNPC in the Special Category. The Company is also Certified by NCDMB, Nigerian Content Development & Management Board for years already..... We have done so many task in the Electrical and Instrumentation fields such as follows....

Installation, Termination

Installation, Termination, Splicing of LV, MV, HV surface and submarine armoured power cables, Installation & Commissioning of Over head High Tension and Low Tension Network System, Fault and Route tracing of cables and restoration.... Installation, Termination, Instrument Tubing & Fitting, Testing of Instrument cables, Instrument Panels Wiring and calibration / commissioning of Transmitters... Installation of cable trays and ladders.

Installation, Termination, All various Commissioning Test

Installation, Termination, All various Commissioning Test on Power Transformers, Voltage/Potential Transformers, Current Transformers, Injection Transformers, Reactive Transformers, Variable Speed Drive System VSD, Variable Frequency Drives System VFD, Star Point Neutral Resistor and High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Banks Installation(HV/MV Stabilizers) & Testing etc. Testing of the Mineral oil to know the BDV Break down voltage...

Installation and General testing

Installation and General testing of Lv Mv Hv Pumps, Compressors circuit.

Designing depending on Customer's required load

Designing depending on Customer's required load, Construction, Installation Commissioning of Two Source Automatic Mains Failure, Synchronizing Panel, Direct online Starter, Auto Pump Starter Control Panel, ColdRoom power &Auto Control Panel, Power Motor Control Centre PMCC, Motor Control Centre MCC, Generator Monitor & Control Panel, Street Lighting System Control panel, Airport/Helipad/Helideck Lighting System control panel, Solar/Generator/NEPA ( Public Mains) Auto Change Over Panel, Power Distribution Panel, Distribution Board DB, Isolator Switch Panel, Feeder Pillars various capacities, BusBar Panel for various equipment load distribution, Breaker Panel for various Facilities Load distribution etc..

General Rewinding & Maintenance

General Rewinding & Maintenance / Balancing of DC & Low Voltage AC Electrical Motors, Compressors, Power Distribution Transformers, Lighting Transformers, Injection Transformers, Voltage Transformers, Current Transformers, High Voltage Motors, High Voltage Compressors and High Voltage Transformers, Phase Shift Transformers etc etc.....

Primary & Secondary Injection Test of Power Panel

Primary & Secondary Injection Test of Power Panel Relays, Breakers, Calibration setting and Certification with our Substation Test Set & others..

Installation Termination, Splicing of Surface HV & LV

Installation Termination, Splicing of Surface HV & LV power cables, Submarine-Interstitials or Composite high voltage power & signal cables. Splicing and Termination of Subsea High Voltage power & signal cable.... Electrical Test of Umbilical Electrical Quads used for the Power and signals using our VLF ACV Hipot Tester Equipment and Fiber-optic Cable Test Instrument..

Deep Earth Well System & High rising Structures

Deep Earth Well System & High rising Structures Lightning Protection System Design, installation, and Testing activities.. Piping and Structural Cathodic protection system installation and Commissioning...

An open information regards availability of our Electrical / Instruments test equipment for hiring..... Hipot Testing Equipment 0 to 80Kvdc, Transformers Oil filtration machine 2000LPH, 3000LPH, 6000LPH. We have VLF ( very low frequency) insulation tester 60KVac suitable for testing power system with high inductive & capacitive characteristics like long length Subsea and Swamp Area installed underground High Voltage cables as well as High Voltage Motors & Compressors, Injection Transformers etc.... We also have for Relay and Transformer quality testing kits such as:-Substation Test Set ISA T3000, Omicron CPC100, Omicron356, WEBKO AMT 100.

We have BVD Oil Test Set 0 to 80KV, and VLR ( very low resistance) Tester as micro-ohmeter... Other Instruments availabled for hiring are Digital 0 to 10kv insulation tester, Digital 0 to1000v insulation tester, Digital Earth Resistance Tester, Digital Cable Fault Locator, Metro-Ohm Cable Fault Locator, TDR Time Domain Reflectometer Cable Fault tracer, underground Cable & piping Route Tracing Equipment, Phase Sequence Meter etc ...... All Equipment / Tools / Machineries are always calibrated & certified to date...