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Installation, Termination

Installation, Termination, Splicing of LV, MV, HV surface and submarine armoured power cables, Installation & Commissioning of Over head High Tension and Low Tension Network System, Fault and Route tracing of cables and restoration.... Installation, Termination, Instrument Tubing & Fitting, Testing of Instrument cables, Instrument Panels Wiring and calibration / commissioning of Transmitters... Installation of cable trays and ladders.

Installation, Termination, All various Commissioning

Installation, Termination, All various Commissioning Test on Power Transformers, Voltage/Potential Transformers, Current Transformers, Injection Transformers, Reactive Transformers, Variable Speed Drive System VSD, Variable Frequency Drives System VFD, Star Point Neutral Resistor and High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Banks Installation(HV/MV Stabilizers) & Testing etc. Testing of the Mineral oil to know

General Certification test Maintenance proof test & Commissioning Proof test

General Certification test (Maintenance proof test & Commissioning Proof test - Insulation, Hipot-testing both AC & DC, Contact Resistance, etc ) of low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage power cables, System BusBars Assemblies and Power & Distribution panels as well as DCP Panels, Inverter & Converter Panels, AMF Panels, Solar Street Lighting System installation and Commissioning......


AbalakaTech Resources Limited

Our company is fully into Electrical / Instrumentation, Mechanical , Civil Engineering Works but had vehemently rendered voluminous services in Electrical & Instrumentation for many years in the areas of Supplies, Construction, Installation, Commissioning, Existing Plants Modification & Maintenance / Procurement.

Construction Planning

Project Management


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AbalakaTech Resources Limited